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K9Komfort CoversK9Komfort Covers Only


Are you sick of cheap dog beds with thin poor quality covers? Are you over covers that fall apart after a couple of washes or seem to fall apart in just a few months? The quality, durability and tensile strength of the K9Komfort Dog Bed Covers is unmatched by any similar product on the market today.

K9Komfort spent months and travelled great distance to source the best quality high grade furniture fabrics in the world. We finally located a manufacturer that made a fabric that met all our stringent requirements. They are renowned throughout the Pacific Region for supplying high end furniture upholstery to boutique furniture makers. These artisans then supply some of the most opulent 5 and 6 star hotel resorts in the world with unique custom made furniture made with the same fabrics as K9Komfort Dog Beds.

Are looking to replace that old cover with something new and fresh? Do you want a cover to match your new lounge suit? Are you after a spare cover to put on the bed while washing the other? Or do you just want another choice come the change of seasons? K9Komfort has a cover for any occasion.

The complete range of K9Komfort Dog Bed Covers is available. We also sell eco friendly fibre refills in various weights. If you have an older bed and a bigger dog, rather than replace the whole bed when it starts to flatten out, why not just order some fresh fill to plumb it out. Contact us with any questions and fibre refill pricing information.

We use only the best materials in our Premium Dog Bed Covers. That is why K9Komfort Dog Bed Covers Are The Best In The World!