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Sizing Chart


The Sizing Chart Will Help You Choose Which Bed Size Best Suits Your Dog


It’s very important you consider your dogs size and weight when selecting your K9Komfort Dog Bed.Sizing Chart Big And Small

A bed that is too large for your dog may still be comfortable and inviting but will waste a lot of floor space.

A bed that is too small will be cramped and ineffective for your canine companion needs.

If you have two dogs will you be needing a bed each or a larger bed for them to snuggle up together on?

Consider your furnishings when deciding on the shape. The K9Komfort Dog Beds have been designed with the modern interior of todays homes in mind.

Our Dog Beds come in a variety of contemporary stylish designs. We use different materials to provide an array of options when it comes to selecting the look and feel of your dogs bed.

Whether you are after a Dog Bed for Indoor or Outdoor use, K9Komfort has a bed for every situation. Use the Sizing Chart below to pick the best style shape and size K9Komfort Dog Bed for your favourite pet.


K9Komfort Sizing Chart