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K9Komfort Free eBrochure – Top Dog Behaviour Tips

My husband, a dog behaviour specialist with sitdropstay, has written the K9Komfort eBrochure.

K9Komfort Free eBrochureHere he best explains why a good bed is so important for your dog.

“A dog bed serves a dual purpose. Properly made it creates a warm comfortable resting place all the while providing a safe haven for your dog . It also helps creates very important boundaries inside the  home.

By training a dog to always go to their bed when they first enter the home, it teaches your dog to enter calmly and behave respectfully. It also gives you somewhere to direct your dog when you need them out of the way or to keep them calm when friends or family visit.

Your dog also learns that a bed is a safe place, a calm place, and when they are resting or sleeping it is a good idea for everyone (especially high energy excited children) to leave them in peace when they are on their bed. It creates a comforting space where they can retreat if the energy or activity in the house becomes to stressful.

It’s important when considering the type and amount of filling that goes into the bed. It needs to be soft but firm, shouldn’t be overfilled so as to create a “nest” for your dog in cold weather. I see a lot of beds at clients homes that are terribly flat or over filled due to using low quality filler material and/or putting too much filling in the covers.”

Sitdropstay Dog Training and Behaviour are Australia’s Leading Dog Behaviour Specialists. They proudly support K9Komfort and are pleased to offer this free eBrochure to all K9Komfort customers. For all your dog Behaviour and Training needs visit www.sitdropstay.com.au and reserve your In-Home Consultation and Training Session.

For more Dog Behaviour Tips and Tricks download your free K9Komfort eBrochure Here!


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