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Welcome To The K9Komfort FAQ Page

K9Komfort Facts and Commonly Asked Questions. 

What Bed Is Best For My Dog?FAQ What K9Komfort Bed Is Best For My Dogs?

Every dog is different – in size, weight, temperament and energy level. Just as every dog is different, so are the styles and design of many modern homes. While there is a vast array of choice when designing the interior of our home, it was difficult for us to find a nice dog bed that was well made and durable, but complimentary to my taste and style

With the K9Komfort range of premium indoor and outdoor dog beds we are able to offer you the chance to get your dog a bed that is stylish, contemporary,  luxuriously comfortable and long lasting, Everyone has different tastes. Some go for modern and bold patterns and colours, and some go for warm neutral tones  Whether you want to provide your K9 companion a cosy spot at your feet while relaxing in front of the TV, or help your favourite dog while away the time outside, waiting for you to come home, relaxing on a super comfy outdoor bed, we have a bed that will meet all your needs.

Both the indoor and the outdoor beds are available in a range of styles and sizes with bold solid colours and dynamically tasteful patterns giving them a decidedly boutique feel. They are all practical and well made, using the best materials, ensuring they last for a long time.

FAQ Why Is A Good Dog Bed So Important For Your Pet?Why Is A Good Dog Bed So Important For Your Pet?

My husband, a dog behaviour specialist with sitdropstay, best explains why a good bed is so important for your dog….

“A dog bed serves a dual purpose. Properly made it creates a warm comfortable resting place all the while providing a safe haven for your dog . It also helps creates very important boundaries inside the  home.

By training a dog to always go to their bed when they first enter the home, it teaches your dog to enter calmly and behave respectfully. It also gives you somewhere to direct your dog when you need them out of the way or to keep them calm when friends or family visit.

Your dog also learns that a bed is a safe place, a calm place, and when they are resting or sleeping it is a good idea for everyone (especially high energy excited children) to leave them in peace when they are on their bed. It creates a comforting space where they can retreat if the energy or activity in the house becomes to stressful.

It’s important when considering the type and amount of filling that goes into the bed. It needs to be soft but firm, shouldn’t be overfilled so as to create a “nest” for your dog in cold weather. I see a lot of beds at clients homes that are terribly flat or over filled due to using low quality filler material and/or putting too much filling in the covers.”

What Do You Mean By Eco Friendly Insert?FAQ What Do You Mean By Eco Friendly Inserts?

K9Komfort scoured Australia for the most eco-friendly filler available. We found just that with Innergreen’s line of recycled PET cushion inserts. These furniture grade inserts are filled with 100% PET fibre, which is derived from recycled water bottles. They look and feel similar to a high-grade polyester cushion insert, but have a greater resilience rating and will last for much longer. For every 1kg of fibre used, we can save more than 70 water bottles from landfill. All our inserts are Non-Allergenic, machine washable and dry quickly on the washing line.

What Is The Difference Between The Indoor And Outdoor Material?

Outdoor Material

FAQ Outdoor Dog BedAvailable in a number of funky contemporary colours the indoor/outdoor range of premium dog bed covers are made from extra strong 480g/m2 100% polyester. A crisp white piping is also incorporated into most of the range. It has been rigorously tested and certified for tensile strength, water repellent resistance, seam slippage resistance, abrasion resistance, piling resistance, colour fastness to rubbing, colour fastness to light and flammability. They have also been treated, sanitized and certified against bacterial growth, odour and fungi. The premium outdoor material is suitable for use in all environments and both the covers and the 100% recycled eco friendly inserts are easily washed and maintained.

                                                                  Indoor MaterialsFAQ Indoor Dog Beds

The K9Komfort premium indoor materials have been made from the highest quality furniture grade textiles meeting the most stringent of technical specifications. We looked at many different textile manufacturers, both locally and overseas, before finally settling on a material we think is as good as anything on the market. The quality is such that it is used in furnishings and upholstery made for the top hotel/resort chains in the world. We also use premium furniture grade suedes and faux lambs wool for the tops of some of our range. These materials have been sourced from the same high end textile manufacturers as all the materials, and provide a diversity of design without any sacrifice in quality and workmanship.

How Do I Choose The Correct Size?

The guide below is a gives a general idea for which bed size may best suit your dog.

FAQ K9Komfort Sizing Chart

How Do I Wash The Dog Bed?

FAQ How Do I Wash The Dog Bed?

All the K9Komfort range of premium dog beds can be vacuumed regularly.

The covers are easily removed and can be hand washed or gentle machine washed.

The inserts are Non-Allergenic, hand washable and dry quickly on the washing line.


What Does The 12 Month Manufacturers Guarantee Mean?FAQ What Does The 12 Month Manufacturers Guarantee Mean?

​The K9Komfort premium indoor/outdoor range comes with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee that covers any and all manufacturing issues or faults and will be replaced without question. However, K9Komfort cannot guarantee against damage caused by your dog chewing, tearing, ripping or soiling the bed (after all dogs can chew through bones which are up to seven times stronger than concrete). We do our best to limit their access to the zips or loose material.

How Much Will It Cost To Deliver?

FAQ How Much Will It Cost To Deliver?

How Can I Pay?

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How Long Will It Take To Deliver?

FAQ How Long Will It Take To Deliver3-10 Business days