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About Us

  About Us


How We Started

About Large Sky Blue Contemporary Indoor Outdoor Dog BedI get asked all the time how K9Komfort came about. We have always been surrounded by pets. We have two beautiful dogs that I adore. To me, there’s nothing better than sitting down at my desk, or relaxing on the couch watching a movie or reading a good book with them both by my side.

Wanting my precious pups as comfortable as me while they too relaxed, I tried many different dog beds from a number of different manufactures but never found one that I truly liked. None of the beds we tried seemed comfortable enough and they definitely didn’t suit my taste or style when it came to complimenting  the furniture I had in the house. All I wanted was a couple of dog beds that look great, complimented my furniture, were easy to take care of, a reasonable price and that were going to last. Is that a lot to ask?

So after much frustration I came to the realisation that  the only way I was going to find the dog beds good enough for my furbies and complimentary to my sense of interior design was too make them myself.



About Premium Mixed Contemporary Indoor Outdoor Dog Beds

The K9Komfort Vision

I knew that I wanted a dog bed that looked as good as my cushions.  I also wanted a dog bed that was easy to keep clean, could be vacuumed regularly and machine washed. I needed to find fabrics and materials that wouldn’t date quickly, and cater to a variety of  tastes. Most importantly, they had to be comfortable and provide my little monkeys with a warm cosy place to relax.  Now all I had to do was work out how to make it happen.

Over twelve months I searched for materials, fillers, zips, threads, liners and tailors. I quizzed friends, family, workmates and even strangers about their taste in dog beds. I did market research every chance I had  and when it came time to choose, this research helped me pick  the fantastic materials we now use in all our dog beds.

Everyone has different tastes. Some go for modern and bold patterns and colours, and some go for warm neutral tones. I am so happy that I came up with a simple range of high quality, great looking, long lasting, luxuriously comfortable dog beds for your beloved four legged friends.